For stopping the flow of blood by using pressure immobilization after removing an indwelling needle in the radial artery or the dorsal pedis artery.

Medical device notification number 40B2X00015131140, Medical supplies (4) Orthopedic instruments
General medical device First-aid bandage, JMDN code 34864000

How to use this product

Take out the "STEPTY™P", lightly fold the tape along the concave part of the central plate with your fingertips, to mark the area of the pad.

Place the pad to cover both the punctured skin and the blood vessel, and withdraw the indwelling needles etc. holding down the upper surface (the back) of the pad with your thumb. Please be sure to apply "STEPTY™P" only after removing metal needles.

Apply firm pressure on the upper surface (back) of the pad with the supporting thumb after you take out the needle, and partially peel off the ulnar side liner.

As you pull out the needle or catheter, put firm pressure on the pad with your thumb.

Press the pad firmly and keep it still while you stretch the adhesive tape out to the length of your thumb and securely attach it to the skin.

Be careful not to move the pad as you replace the pressurizing thumb with your other thumb, and continue to apply firm pressure.

Continue to apply firm pressure as you peel the other liner off partially, stretch the tape for about 2 cm and stick it securely onto the skin. Then, peel off the rest of the liner and attach it.

Write down the time you applied the tape, and stick it on the upper surface (back) of the pad. The bleeding will usually stop in around 60 minutes after applying "STEPTY™P", depending on the individual.


White color type

Key features
  • Pads that pressurize the skin gently and effectively.

  • Plates with enhanced pressure and safety.

  • A tape that stretches in every direction and sustains sufficient pressure.

  • Stick-on time labels to prevent prolonged use of the product.

  • Saving time and reducing effort for healing and nursing.

  • Each tape is individually sterilized by EOG before packaging.

  • Normally used for artery segments, around 14-18 gauge (average)
    *There are many ways to use our puncture protection.

  • Made in Japan for quality you can trust.

  • Backing: urethane non-woven fabric
    Adhesive: acrylic adhesive

  • Target: A line (Operation Room), PTCA (Intervention Unit)


The relation of the length of the “STEPTY™P” tapes attached, and the pressure it exerts

The pressure exerted by non-woven urethane fabric adhesive tapes increases with the length of the tape applied. About 2 cm of tape from each side will provide an efficient level of pressure (Approx. 100 mmHg), maintaining approx. 80% of its original power after 1 hour of use.


Thermograph of palms with “STEPTY™P” attached

Comparison of palms after applying “STEPTY™P” for 2 hours and not using the product. No difference in the temperature of the skin surface is detected, proving that there is no reduction in blood flow.

  • Haemostasis or protective covering for the radial artery and dorsal pedis artery after punctures received from measuring arterial pressure or blood gas.

  • Do not reuse the product!

  • If wounds become clinically infected while using the product, please stop its use and seek appropriate treatment.

  • If you develop skin lesions (e.g. rashes, flares or itching) while using the product,  please stop its use and seek appropriate treatment.

  • Always take the needle out before attaching the product to avoid damage to the skin or the blood vessels.

  • Please note that lengthy use of the pressurizing tapes will create excessive tension causing stress on the skin.

  • We suggest you remove the product in approx. 2 hours to avoid stress on the skin.

  • The product should always be removed by a doctor or a nurse after use.

  • On removal of the tapes, keep the taped area and the client him/herself at rest and observe them for a few minutes to make sure the bleeding has completely stopped.

  • If the pressure is not enough, please apply appropriate measures such as pressure hemostasis with your hands.

  • Please cover and protect the needled site to prevent infection after removal. In case the product gets wet or tainted, please take it off and apply a fresh pad immediately.

  • If the product package is defaced, broken or wet, please avoid using it.

  • The product should be used immediately after the seal is broken.

  • Peel off the pad slowly along the flow of your body hair to prevent skin injuries upon removal.

  • Store in a shaded area at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.