Hemostatic Bandage

Nichiban’s adhesive tapes protect and secure punctured skin after injection or catheter. They were developed to simplify hemostasis treatment by unifying the complex procedure. They can be used for various occasions such as to cover punctured areas following an injection, to stop the flow of blood from an intravenous line using pressure immobilization and to treat bleeding of the peripheral artery using astriction following a puncture for blood gas measurement.

Adhesive bandage with hemostatic pad: The pad is made of an unwoven cellulose fabric; The tape is made of an unwoven fabric made mainly from pulp and polyester and acrylic adhesives.

This adhesive bandage stops bleeding by compressing. It is used after immobilizing the intravenous line or following the drawing of blood using thick injection needles (14-18 gauges).

It stops bleeding by compressing. It is used after removing an indwelling needle in the radial artery or the dorsal pedis artery.

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