More fixing makes more relieve.
CATHEREEPLUS™ I.V. is a flexible urethane fabric dressing with a diamond-shaped window made from the CATHEREEPLUS™ features high moisture permeability/breathability film, makes easy apply and observation of insertion part clearly.

How to use this product

(Example in a peripheral vein usage)

Use the first fixing tape as attachment to apply it in the connector part in the side of the indwelling needle.

Pinch both side of release liners and apply to the skin to set the insertion part in the center of the film.

After applying the dressing along with the catheter closely without any gap, remove the release liners in both sides.

Apply the second fixing tape to the tube in a Ω shape.

Use the remained fixing tape to fix the tube in a loop shape.

Key features
  • Diamond-shaped window makes it easy to determine the application part
    Possible to apply accurately by means of the diamond-shaped window located in the center of the film.

  • Possible to apply neatly by means of Carrier-less fabric
    The carrier-less and highly flexible polyurethane fabric
    makes possible to stick well and apply neatly without a wrinkle.

  • Firm fixing by attached fixing tape
    The attached fixing tape can be possible to use cleanly not to touch the adhesive face. Possible to use with wearing gloves.

  • Adopted CATHEREEPLUS™ in the observation part
    CATHEREEPLUS™ is a film dressing with excellent features in tenderness for the skin and hard removal that offers unprecedented moisture permeability/breathability levels (based on a NICHIBAN comparison) by means of our newly-developed urethane gel adhesive.

  • For fixing the part of needles or catheters insertion directly.


1. Important Fundamental Cautions


1) Ensure that the insertion part should be kept in clean and dry before applying this product.
2) Select appropriate sizes for each your purpose respectively.
3) Not to use with stretching to avoid any causes skin problems or detachment.
4) In case that any symptoms of infection or skin problems (such as rash, redness, itchiness and etc...) appear in the applied part while using this product, stop using and administer proper treatment.
5) While using this product, be sure to observe any detachment of tape or fixing state of the catheter, if necessary, reinforce the fixing and replace with new one.
6) Be sure to avoid any wetting in the insertion part when taking a shower. In case of wetting, ensure to replace with new one.
7) After using, remove it slowly in the direction of the body hair to prevent any damage in the skin.
8) When removing this product, be sure to remove carefully not to take away the catheter or other appliances to press down them or skin firmly.


2. Other Cautions


1) Do not use any items if any dirt, wet or damaged in the package.
2) Use immediately after opening the package.
3) After using, remove it slowly in the direction of the body hair to prevent any damage in the skin.

  • Store at room temperature away from heat, humidity, direct sunlight, and water.