Dressing Tapes

Dressing materials are essential for treating surgical wounds, protecting wounded skin, securing catheters or protecting punctured areas. Nichiban dressing materials are made from highly breathable and absorbent vapour-permeable materials. With its wide variety of sizes and large selection of products, our dressings have been perfected for use based on our accumulated medical experience. Nichiban products provide efficient treatment for various conditions, serving to prevent infections, assuring safety and saving labour in medical settings.

High permeability/breathability for keeping dryness, high adhesiveness for a good relief in firm fixing , and low irritation for the skin comfortably from any skin trouble.

More fixing makes more relieve. CATHEREEPLUS™ I.V. is a flexible urethane fabric dressing with a diamond-shaped window made from the CATHEREEPLUS™ features high moisture permeability/breathability film,makes easy apply and observation of the insertion part clearly.

CATHEREEPLUS™ in addition to easy use.

3 compassions as well as the pad. The new CATHEREEPLUS™ film dressing features 3 compassions of "high-permeability", "firm-fixing" and "low- irritation" makes gentle protection.

Launching CATHEREEPLUS™ Roll, made with newly-developed urethane gel adhesive.

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