SKINERGATE™ MESH is a low-irritant non-woven fabric tape. This tape consists of flexible and moisture-permeable non-woven fabric, and moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives. This tape attaches securely in a wide range of uses.

  • Overextension of tape may cause irritation of the skin.

  • Do not apply directly to a wound.

  • Discontinue use if a rash, redness or irritation of the skin.

  • Remove slowly along the hair line so as not to damage the skin.

Key features
  • High moisture permeability
    Its high moisture permeability means that it does not retain sweat even during prolonged use. 

  • Responsive to the movements of the skin
    The flexible non-woven fabric tape responds to the movements of the skin. 

  • Secure adhesion
    A flexible adhesive is used for greater adhesion. 

  • Reduced pain during removal 
    The outermost layer, stratum corneum, is often stripped by surgical tapes, which can cause irritation. High moisture permeability of SKINERGATE™MESH prevents moisture retention in the skin, meaning that almost none of the barrier layer is removed. This makes removal less painful and protects the skin’s natural barrier, preventing irritation.

  • Keep dry and store at room temperature, avoiding excessive heat and humidity and direct sunlight.

  • Fixing gauze

  • Fixing catheters and tubes.