Tapes made from non-woven fabric, mainly made of pulp polyester and coated with acrylic adhesives.

  • Please do not apply directly onto wounds.

  • If you develop rashes, flares or itching, etc. while using the product, please stop its use.

  • Peel off the pad slowly along the flow of your body hair to prevent skin injuries upon removal.

Key features
  • High adhesive power, strong attachment
    The tape adjusts well on the skin, sticks perfectly on hair as well as on lipid areas such as the forehead, staying attached with excellent adhesion for a long period of time.

  • Low irritation
    The tape is flexible and perforated, has high moisture permeability and adjusts perfectly on the skin. Keeps the covered area dry, preventing rashes even when applied for a long period of time.

  • User-friendly
    The tape is easily cut using your fingers, simplifying your task.

  • Radiolucent
    The shadow of the tape will not show up in X-ray photography.

  • Prevents pigment deposition on the skin caused by the transmission and absorption of ultraviolet rays.

  • Securing surgical cottons, gauzes, and dressings

  • Securing injection needles and puncture needles

  • Securing catheters and tubes

  • Store at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.