First-aid bandage made of high-density non-woven urethane fabric. Medical device notification number 40B2X00015131170
Medical supplies (4) Orthopedic instruments, General medical device First-aid bandage; JMDN code 34864000

  • Do not reuse the product!

  • If the wounds become clinically infected while using the product, please stop its use and seek appropriate treatment.

  • If you develop skin lesions (e.g. rashes, flares or itching) while using the product, please stop its use and seek appropriate treatment.

  • In case the product gets wet or tainted, or if you see blood or exudate fluid leaking from the pad, please take it off and apply a fresh pad immediately.

  • If the product package is defaced, broken or wet, please avoid using it.

  • The product should be used immediately after the seal is broken.

  • Peel off the pad slowly along the flow of your body hair to prevent skin injuries upon removal.

Key features
  • The base materials of the tape flex in all directions, capable of adjusting to any body motion and preventing the development of skin rashes.
    High-density urethane with excellent flexibility adjusts to subtle movements of the body, reducing stress to the skin. It prevents the development of rashes and is gentle to the skin.

  • Less exfoliation of corneocytes, mildly-irritating
    Less exfoliation of corneocytes compared to conventional products; reducing stress and pain on the skin when removing or replacing the tapes.

  • High moisture permeability, releases most of the moisture, keeping the area dry
    By using high-density non-wove urethane fabric with outstanding moisture permeability, the skin is kept almost totally dry. This sustains the strong adhesive force of the product for a long period of time.

How to use this product
  • Open the sterilized packet and take out the tape, place the pad on the wound, and secure it with the surrounding tapes.

  • Protective cover for wounds

  • Securing and covering wounded areas after surgery

  • Store at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.