ELASTOPORE™ is a stretchable tape. Consisting of acrylic adhesives and moderately elastic cotton fabrics. This tape has the high adhesion, excellent fit, low irritation to skin and good functionality.

  • Overextension of tape may cause irritation of the skin.

  • Do not apply directly to a wound.

  • Discontinue use if a rash, redness or irritation of the skin.

  • Do not allow the tape to get wet, as this can cause adhesive residue to remain on the skin or the attached item (catheter, tube, etc.)

  • Remove slowly so as not to damage the skin.

  • Keep dry and store at room temperature, avoiding excessive heat and humidity and direct sunlight.

Key features
  • Excellent strength, retention and secureness of adhesion
    ELASTOPORE™ adheres strongly to various areas, with multilayered adhesion for excellent secureness.

  • Moderate elasticity and excellent fit
    ELASTOPORE™ stretches lengthways to accommodate the circulation and movement of the affected area. It also fits well on flexion areas such as joints and the head, with excellent pressure and secureness.

  • Strong fabric
    Strong enough to secure repositionings.

  • Moderately moisture permeable and breathable
    The fabrics and the acrylic adhesives are high moisture permeability and breathability.

       -Low irritation to the skin during prolonged use.

       -Minimal moisture retention from fluids such as sweat.

       -No fluorescent dye is contained.

Use for:
  • Fixing gauze, pads and compresses (especially suited for uneven areas such as the legs, chest or head) 

  • Fixing catheters, transfusion tubes, intravenous drips and intubation tubes

  • Fixing splints

  • Fixing limbs to the bed during surgery or treatment

Surgical purposes:
  • Fixation of broken ribs, clavicles and limbs

  • Compress to stop bleeding

  • Securing sprains and muscle fragmentation

  • Securing support for sprain and muscle fragmentation prevention and during rehabilitation