MESHPORE™ is a tape made of acrylic adhesive and a strong non-woven polyester mesh. With excellent flexibility, softness, elasticity, breathability and moisture permeability, this tape is ideal for protective covering and securing.

  • Overextension of tape may cause irritation of the skin.

  • Do not apply directly to a wound.

  • Discontinue use if a rash, redness or irritation of the skin.

  • Do not allow the tape to get wet, as this can cause adhesive residue to remain on the skin or the attached item (catheter, tube, etc.)

  • Remove slowly so as not to damage the skin.

  • Keep dry and store at room temperature, avoiding excessive heat and humidity and direct sunlight.

Key features
  • High adhesion
    With high adhesion, MESHPORE™ adheres well to various areas for excellent protective covering and secureness.

  • Elasticity and flexibility
    Elastic and soft, fitting flexion areas and joints well.

  • Cut lines on release paper
    The release paper has cut lines for easy removal.

  • High breathability and moisture permeability
    MESHPORE™ is highly breathable and moisture permeable to remove moisture such as sweat and exudate fluid, preventing moisture retention and irritation even during prolonged use. This tape contains no fluorescent dye, which can cause irritation and itchiness.

  • Covering and fixing cotton wool and gauze

  • Fixing needles

  • Fixing catheters and tubes

  • Covering and securing compresses

  • Protective covering for the edges of casts