Surgical Tapes

Nichiban’s surgical tapes and elastic adhesive dressings use adhesives and base materials that we have researched thoroughly for years, combining them in a variety of ways. We offer excellent tapes at a consistent level of quality, meeting a wide range of medical needs.

Tapes made from non-woven fabric, mainly made of pulp polyester and coated with acrylic adhesives.

Made with a flexible and moisture-permeable polyolefin film and a highly moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives, this tape is extremely low-irritant. Attaching securely and easily cut by hand, it is ideal for use of gauze.

An extremely low-irritant all-purpose non-woven fabric tape made of an extremely flexible and moisture-permeable non-woven fabric and an extremely moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives. In addition to causing minimal irritation, this surgical tape attaches securely in a wide range of uses.

A translucent, microporous, diamond-cut tape made from acrylic adhesives applied to polyethylene film treated to remove surface gloss. This tape can be easily hand-torn crosswise or lengthwise, has excellent adhesion, is thin and flexible for moderate elasticity and breathability, has good moisture permeability, minimizes moisture retention and irritation and is unobtrusive, making it ideal for a wide range of medical uses.

A tape made from acrylic adhesives on acetate cloth. The flexibility and strength of the tape gives it extremely secure, long-lasting adhesion with excellent pressure, making this easily hand-torn surgical tape ideal for attaching tracheal tubes and catheters during operations and anesthesia, and for securing setting, repositioning or post-surgery dressings.

A tape made from acrylic adhesives and a moderately elastic cotton fabric. This tape has the high adhesion, excellent fit, low irritation to skin and good functionality required for surgical tape.

A tape made of acrylic adhesive applied to a strong non-woven polyester mesh. With excellent flexibility, softness, elasticity, breathability and moisture permeability, this soft non-woven adhesive tape is ideal for protective covering and securing.

A tape made from acrylic adhesives applied to a non-woven polyurethane fabric. With excellent lengthways and crossways elasticity, flexibility, breathability and moisture permeability, fit on the skin and minimal irritation, this tape is ideal for securing gauze after surgery and for CAPD dialysis, and for securing catheters for epidural anesthesia and hemodialysis. It can be cut to the ideal length to suit a wide range of purposes or areas.

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