The new CATHEREEPLUS™ film dressing features 3 compassions of "high-permeability", "firm-fixing" and "low- irritation" makes gentle protection.

How to use this product

Remove a large release liner slowly.

Place a pad in the injured area, and then remove a remained release liner, and finally fix by tapes around.

After applying the adhesive face to the skin closely, remove a release liner slowly.

Remove a remaimed release liner slowly, then, accustom to the skin closely.

  • Storage method: store at room temperature away from heat, humidity, direct sunlight, and water.

  • Expiry date: Displayed on box (as self-authenticated data)

Key features
  • Adopted newly-developed urethane gel adhesive
    The newly-developed urethane gel adhesive offers unprecedented moisture permeability with breathability and makes possible to offer the features of tenderness to the skin and hard removal.

  • Possible to apply hygienically without touching in adhesive face and pad.
    Possible to apply hygienically without touching in adhesive face and pad by pinching a part of the release liner. Also, possible to remove a release liner easily.

  • High absorbent pad
    The pad equips the excellent absorption more than a dozen of gauze (compared to the same square).

  • A pad hard to stick to the wound part
    Possible to protect the injured part gently by means of the non-sticky pad covered by a porous polyethylene film.

  • Fixing covers for gauze and dressings

  • Fixing tubes and catheters

  • Protective covering for the skin

  • Reinforcing and protecting equipment during showering for stoma or CAPD patients


1. Important Fundamental Cautions


1) In case the wounded part is dirty, apply to the wounded part after washing cleanly.
2) In case of applying, be sure to press a tape thoroughly to prevent any wrinkle. If any wrinkle through to pad appears, it should be replaced to the new one because a pad with serious wrinkle reaches to the pad is spoiled a water-proof feature. Especially applying to the part of joint or flexion, it's quite easy to appear the wrinkles so please take care of handling.
3) Before taking a shower or bath, be sure to check whether the tape is applied entirely and closely not to be gotten water sunk.
4) While using this product, in case that any symptoms of infection or skin problems (such as rash, redness, itchiness, etc. ) in the wound part, stop using and administer proper treatment.
5) While using this product, in case of getting wet or dirt and any leak of blood or exudate, should be replaced to the new one promptly.


2. Other Cautions


1) Do not use this product in case of any dirt, damage and wetting appear in the packaging.
2) Use immediately after opening the package.
3) After using, remove it slowly in the direction of the body hair to prevent any damage in the skin.