Usually, it was quite diffucult to develop the adhesive which is possible to offer "gentle for skin" and "hard removal" desperately desired by the medical staff because they are totally opposite features.
Thanks to our newly-developed urethane gel adhesive, CATHEREEPLUS™ offers unprecedented moisture permeability/breathability levels (based on a NICHIBAN comparison), allowing the product to be both tenderness gentle to the skin and hard removal. CATHEREEPLUS™ provides "new solution in fixing," adding 3 heartful care of "high permeability/breathability," "high adhesiveness," and "low irritation."


How to use this product

Pull out necessary length and cut off by scissors.

Remove the release liner in the center part from the lead part (cut line).

Pinch the edges of the remained release liner and apply it to the fixed position.

Remove the remained release liner and press down firmly.

Remove the release liner slowly from the part of an arrow.

Remove the remained reliece liner.

Key features
  • High permeability/breathability offeres you long lasting dryness.
    The newly-developed urethane gel adhesive provides nearly seven times higher moisture permeability/breathability than of normal acrylic adhesives. Possible to reduce sweaty and be comfortable in a long time use.

  • Stable fixing for a good relief
    Urethane gel adhesive is coated in the whole part of film evenly so possible to have close adhesion in of the skin. The flexible film follows the motions movement of the skin and possible to give you stable fixing for a long time.

  • Low irritation for a comfortable skin feel
    An appropriate adhesion reduces any removal of keratin and damage when it's removed. Also, the stretch film helps to reduce any stress on the skin stress during use. Possible to use in tenderness feeling without any skin rash and pain from removal.

  1. "Pre-lift processing (removing type film)" Possible to use even wearing gloves easily.

  2. "Stretchy film" Natural feel application reduces stress on the skin.

  3. "Waterproof and bacteria-proof" Prevents water and bacteria entering from outside.

  4. "Superior slipping" Less friction from clothes and sheets.

  • Fixing covers for gauze and dressings

  • Fixing tubes and catheters

  • Protective covering for the skin

  • Reinforcing and protecting equipment during showering for stoma or CAPD patients

  • Do not apply directly to the wound or insertion part , as the product is not sterilized.

  • Do not apply to infected part, bleeding part , exuding part , impaired skin, or any part with abnormal skin metabolism.

  • This product cannot be used as a substitute for fixation sutures.

  • Wash the skin well cleanly and dry before applying this product.

  • To avoid skin rash or detachment, do not use this product with stretching.

  • If you find any skin problems or other problems while using the product, please stop using discontinue use.

  • If you think in case that any clinical infection has occurred while using this product, please stop using and not to resume using until the necessary treatment are conducted and the infection resolved.

  • Be sure that this product is firmly applied to the entire part before taking a shower or bath to avoid wet inside.

  • After useing, remove it slowly in the direction of the body hair to prevent any damage in the skin.

  • Storage method: store at room temperature away from heat, humidity, direct sunlight, and wetting.